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Breast Ultrasound Screening

All breasts are not the same.  Early detection saves lives.

Studies confirm that Mammography misses every other cancer in women with dense breasts.  The power of an ultrasound can increase early detection of breast cancer from approximately 48% to 97% in women with dense breasts. Ultrasound is capable of detecting cancers that cannot be found by mammography and physical exams. Sometimes mammograms and physical exams just are not enough, particularly in women with dense breasts.

Ultrasound sees things that mammography cannot

Breast Density- What it is.  Why it matters.

Breasts are made of fat and breast tissue. Some women have more fat than breast tissue, while others have more breast tissue than fat. When there is more breast tissue, the breast is considered dense. On a mammogram, dense tissue looks white. Since masses and lumps also appear white on a mammogram, a suspicious lump may be masked by the dense breast tissue.

Early Detection is Everything!

Dense breast tissue is also linked with an increase in the risk of developing breast cancer. Women with extremely dense breast tissue have a four to six times greater risk of developing breast cancer than women who do not have dense breast tissue.


An added measure of confidence

For the 40% of women who have dense breast tissue, mammograms alone may not be enough to find breast cancer. Studies have shown that some cancers can be missed with mammography in women with dense breasts. When added to your annual mammogram, breast ultrasound screening may find more small cancers than mammography alone.

The breast ultrasound screening procedure requires a minimum of 25 minutes and minimal compression. The exam uses no ionizing radiation. Unlike other breast ultrasound exams, a breast ultrasound screening is intended to scan the entire breast, not just specific regions. For that reason, it is useful as a whole breast screening tool.

Adding an ultrasound screening to your annual routine protects your health. 


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Breast Ultrasound Screenings are....


 *Use No Compression

*No Radiation                      

 *Are Implant Safe

Prescription not required for elective screenings. The exam takes approximately  15-20 minutes and are critical for women with Dense Breasts.  A breast ultrasound can locate breast tumors and cysts as small as a few millimeters in size and is a beneficial screening for women who have dense breasts.

What Is Dense Breast Tissue?

Approximately 50% of the women in the United States have dense breast tissue. On a mammogram, dense tissue appears white and cancerous tumors also appear white making it nearly impossible to "see" the tumor. It's like trying to finding a snowball in a snowstorm.

Insurance and Prescription

No prescription is required. At this time, Impact Wellness LLC does not accept Medicare, Medicaid or any third-party insurance. A receipt is provided, which may be provided to your insurance company.


Bilateral $179 

Costs includes the scan, a report from the Radiologist and postage to mail results.  This ultrasound exam can provide you and your health care provider an assessment of your breast health. 

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