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Establishing mobile ultrasound service is easy!

If  you currently send your patients to a clinic or hospital for ultrasound imaging, we can help you keep that reimbursement revenue in your business. 



Mobile Ultrasound Services

How Will Ultrasound Benefit My Practice?

You are saving your patients time and money by adding ultrasound service to your practice. They no longer have to schedule an exam with a hospital, wait for an opening, sit for hours in a congested waiting room or exam room when the hospital staff runs behind, or wait up to two weeks for results. Additionally, your patient will pay more out-of-pocket for ultrasound services at a hospital due their excessive charges and hidden fees. We eliminate all of this by performing the exam in your office.

Generate Revenue To Your Practice

Now you can schedule Ultrasound Services in your office improving patient satisfaction as well as generate income for your office with our  Ultrasound Lease program. 

Leasing the equipment and professional sonographers from Impact Wellness LLC.,  allows you the added ability to test, diagnose, and treat all at one location.  Additionally, since services are to be administered in your office, you can ethically and legally bill and be reimbursed for the technical component (TC) of each exam performed; THIS ADDS REVENUE TO YOUR PRACTICE.

Is There Any Upfront Cost To Me?

No. There is no upfront cost, need to purchase equipment or hire additional staff. We bring portable ultrasound and doppler equipment to your office and perform all the exams. We use a cloud-based PACS and EMR systems to store images and generate reports. 

Request a Free Revenue Evaluation

If you're like most physicians, improving your office's bottom line is a major objective year after year.  Impact Wellness L.L.C  can help you generate new revenue streams for your medical office by providing the very finest in medical ultrasound imaging.

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